Our 100% organically grown ceremonial grade cacao is the perfect alternative to coffee, elevating your mood, focus and sparking your creativity.

The Benefits
of Evergreen Cacao

Healthy Heart

Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue

Healthy Gut

Muscle Growth & Fitness

Stress Relief

Feel Good

Blood Pressure

Brain Power

Anti Aging

Super Skin Benefits


Pre Grated Cacao

Purchase our pre-grated ceremonial cacao ready to use in food or drink.

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Peruvian Cacao 500g bag

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Our Evergreen Ceremonial Cacao is 100% organic, fairtrade, gluten-free and vegan.

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We grate it
So you can enjoy it!

All of our Evergreen Cacao comes pre-grated. We know from personal experience, that time is precious and our mornings are often busy enough without having to spend unnecessary time preparing our favourite drink of the day. We can instead use this time to sit, savour and enjoy the moment and all of the benefits which come in each cup of cacao. our Ceremonial Cacao is also available on Etsy.

grated cacao

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